Prevention, NOT Punishment

Schools and Colleges should be proactive in substance abuse prevention, and this should be viewed as a common concern. Drug testing is a proven deterrent against drug use. Cetox Limited is an ADUS Healthcare Company - EST: 2009

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Most students don’t use drugs, and have a right to safe and drug-free learning environments. School administrators need reasonable tools to stop drug use, and drugs ruining school for everyone. We can find where illegal drugs are being used in your school. We can work with you in complete confidence during the holiday period or term time. We can also offer poster campaigns tailored to your school, and other deterrent methods. We work purely on the bases of "Prevention, Not Punishment". If a student shows a "positive" drug test, it will be used on the basis of getting the student counselling or treatment. The results are not turned over to the police, or put on any school or college records. Our aim is to stamp out drug use completely in your school or college. All correspondence with us will be treated in the strictest of confidence. Tel: 0845 3881 543

Drug Testing Kits

We hold a massive stock of all the latest drug testing kits and equipment. We are "NHS Suppliers" and supply other hospitals, medical centres, night shelters, large and small companies plus the general public through our online shop.

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Drug Swab Testing

We can drug swab any surface to test for virtually any drug. Our lab holds all the latest diagnostic equipment.

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